How to charge the lithium battery and use environment?

Shenzhen Quan Chuang Da Energy Co,.ltd.    常见问题    How to charge the lithium battery and use environment?

       The standard lithium battery charging method is CC / CV. It can be charged with a dedicated charger or DC power supply. When using a charger, the ripple of the charger is as low as possible, generally not higher than 150mV, and the charging voltage is N * 4.2V Non-lithium iron phosphate battery) or N * 3.6V (lithium iron phosphate battery), N is the number of batteries connected in series. For multi-string battery packs, the recommended charging voltage is only 4.15 ~ 4.18V or 3.6V.


       Temperature and humidity. The temperature is generally -20 ~ + 60 ℃, lithium iron phosphate battery -10 ~ + 50 ℃, the charging environment is 0 ~ + 45 ℃, the relative humidity is within 80%, the air pressure is 0.1kPa, the discharge capacity and cycle life of the battery are closely related to the use environment , So we must be clear about the use environment and choose a matching battery for different application environments.

Created on:2020-01-06 09:09